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Vanquished is an LGBT comic by LGBT creators

Vanquished is about a transgender princess’s quest to save her kingdom from DOOM. Of course, Valorie’s journey from being “weird prince Felipe” to the mighty lioness Valorie Valiant isn’t gonna happen overnight. She’ll have to battle dinosaur riding sadomasochists, trudge through demon infested swamps, and fight a psychedelic space god – all the while coming out to a closed minded royal family, figuring out the intricacies of hormone replacement therapy, and navigating the surprisingly finicky process of legal name changes.  Full of laugh out loud humor and kick ass action, Vanquished has characters and drama you’ll really fall for. We’re very proud of our comic and would love for you to take a look.

Felicia Mars and Ben Smith are the colossal nerds behind Vanquished graphic novel (I’m Ben, but Felicia is kinda my backseat writer. She says hi!). Between us we sit on three letters out of LGBTQQIA+, and this comic is a lot of things for us. For Felicia, telling Valorie’s story got her through her own HRT, while for me it’s about my own messy journey to figuring out I’m gay. We’re huge fans of the IT Crowd, Dragon Age, and the Fairly Odd Parents (to name a few), but to be perfectly honest the thing we’re most excited about is bringing LGBT+ characters to the page and working with our amazing publisher Markosia. Authentic depictions of the kinds of things she and I have been through, what it’s like to be LGBT+… at least, as realistically as you can get when ice breathing dinosaurs are involved. Take a look, we're sure you'll love it. Plus its only two bucks an issue.

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